Chariot spearheads entertainment projects focused on integrating Muslims and an understanding of Islam into popular culture through entertainment. We work with top talent and industry leaders to create exceptional content that moves the world emotionally, intellectually, and morally to a better understanding of—and connection to—Islam and Muslims.

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Chariot believes in the remarkable power of story to enlighten, inspire, energize, and motivate. The recent wave of success of movies & TV featuring diversity both on-screen and behind the camera demonstrates that worldwide audiences are hungry for original stories. To satisfy this hunger, we expand popular culture by integrating multi-dimensional stories of Muslims into universal narratives. By personalizing the lives and experiences of a holistic and vibrant cross-section of Americans, we create the emotional connections that are the essence of great storytelling and the basis of human community.


We create first-class content that contains authentic Muslim characters or Muslim-related themes. Chariot develops and produces scripted and unscripted commercial television series and feature films from new and existing intellectual property. With a rapidly growing list of new broadcast platforms, the industry has evolved to where networks and studios are increasingly turning to outside content creators like Chariot to provide unique, socially-relevant material for film, TV, and web content.